What’s your warranty policy on sewer calls?

We do not warranty sewer calls, old piping may possibly be damaged or have debris in the line caused by its age. We would not be 100% sure that there isn't more extensive issues with your old plumbing.  That is why we recommend having your lines inspected using a camera.

Why use video camera inspections for my sewer line issues?

Video camera inspections can be beneficial in diagnosing specific plumbing problems, that way we know exactly what repairs we need to make.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take all major credit card's, we do charge a $4.00 fee for invoices less than $200 and an $8.00 fee for anything above $200. Feel free to mail us a check as well, out mailing address is P.O. Box 1503 Bronson, FL 32621.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services rep is available to answer your questions 24/7/365.